Yielder Pro – 28 Plant Hydroponics Cabinet

Yielder Pro is variant of hydro based yielder series grow cabinets offered by Dealzer. Its best and superior design utilizes fusion of hydroponic methods and finest components for improved plant growth. Yielder Pro is a complete hydroponics cabinet that is capable to grow 28 plants or 72 clones of any type from start to finish.

Yielder Pro – 28 Plant Hydroponics Cabinet is a complete hydroponics grow systems that can be used by both first time and experienced growers. Apart from these, Yielder Pro includes several features and components, details of it are mentioned below:

Features of Yielder Pro – 28 Plant Hydroponics Cabinet

Yielder Pro uses the best quality automated grow system that will take your grow to the next level. Read more for its features:

Dual Light Tight Grow Chambers – Its built in two chambers allows you to have continuous harvest all year round. While you harvest in the top chamber, start with next crop in the bottom chamber. This would benefit you to grow continuously and increasing annualized yields up to 33%.

Plant growing capacity- It is capable to Grow:

  • 1-14 Full Grown Plants – 3’ Tall Or
  • 1-14 Mid Sized Plants – 18″ Tall Or
  • 72 Clones
  • Double Filtered Air- The installed Pre-filter, filters all air entering the box for bugs, mildew or debris and its 20lb carbon odor filter removes smell from the cabinet.
  • Next Generation Hydroponics system – It utilizes, DWC/Aero and Wick. These fully automatic plants feeding system supports for larger yields with fewer parts & minimal maintenance
  • Duct Silencer & Insulation- These components maintains quiet and stealth process
  • 100% Diffused Mylar Coverage- It assists in light recycling for entire coverage and effectiveness
  • Easy Caster Wheels- This flexible feature allows you to easily move your grows anywhere and at any point of time.
  • Multiple Air Intake Ports- The multiple air flow points helps in smooth air flow and increases durability of the grow cabinet.
  • Dual Air Intake- The doubled intake ports constantly keeps the air moving to and fro grow cabinet for both the chambers.
  • High Powered & High Quality- The parts and Components used in designing Yielder Pro – 28 Plant Hydroponics Cabinet is superior compared to other leading grow box manufacturers.
  • Easy to Master- Its simple design and easy to use feature enables the first time grower crops look like a pro’s.
  • Complete Kit- Yielder Pro – 28 Plant Hydroponics Cabinet comes complete with everything included so that you can start instantly.
  • Yielder’s Value- Dealzer’s core mission is providing better-quality grow systems with lower prices. Delazer’s cent percent sticking to its mission is changing the industry perspective.

Yielder Pro 28 plant hydroponics cabinet dimension is: 74.5″ x 36″ x 26″ and weight is: 250 lbs.

Components of Yielder Pro – 28 Plant Hydroponics Cabinet

The commercial grade components are included in the Yielder Pro – 28 Plant Hydroponics Cabinet for larger and faster plant growth.

For Total Air Flow the Best Components Installed Are,

  • 6” Commercial Duct Blower w/ Carbon Filter- The 6” Duct Blower with 400cfm capacity is useful for more air flow inside the grow cabinet. Additionally the inbuilt 20lbs activated carbon filter with 1.5” thick carbon efficiently controls temperature and keeps the atmosphere odorless. In combination this useful device, moves air by 2.5 times per minute inside the cabinet a minute, thus, no need to install expensive CO2 Kit.
  • 6” Air King Circulation Fan with 190 cfm circulates fresh air all over the hydroponics cabinet for your plants to get stronger and improved yields.
  • Duct Muffler/Silencer maintains quiet and stealth growing environment.
  • Washable/ Reusable Intake Pre-Filter skillfully filters bugs, dirt or mildew beforehand and restrict its entry into grow cabinet.

The Strong Lighting System Consists Of

  • 600w HID Lighting Standard with 600w Digital Ballast and 600w MH and HPS bulbs gives speedy plant growth and plentiful yields. Other grow cabinets utilizes 400w Standard lighting that affects your output. The lighting system in Yielder Pro – 28 Plant Hydroponics Cabinet is capable to keep cool temperature and runs on MH or HPS bulbs without requiring conversion bulbs.
  • 600w MH & 600w HPS Bulbs Standard- They emit 4200k full Spectrum @ 61,000 Lumens and 2100k full Spectrum @ 90,000 Lumens, respectively for improved yields. It is suggested to use MH Bulbs for first half of plant life, use HPS bulbs till completion.
  • Light Wing & Reflective Insulation – It assists in distributing and diffusing light all over the cabinet for even light distribution while also reducing heat signature.

The Heart And Flow Of Yielder Pro 28 plant Hydroponics System Includes

  • Botanicare Trays & Reservoirs – The specially designed Trays & Dual Botanicare 10gal Reservoirs are durable and are made only for hydroponics. Other hydroponics grow cabinets consists of converted storage bins that breaks easily, damaging your plants.
  • Botanicare CNS17 Nutrients – Standard – Botanicare is easy, simple, economical, and exceptionally effective nutrient pack for your lovable plants to bloom.
  • Coco Mon Grow Medium – This growing medium does not require any pre-treating work unlike other old school top feeding grow medium. It is able to resist bugs, diseases and strongly holds plants for maximum yields.

The Safe & Secure Components Includes

  • Easy Rolling Casters built in- This convenient component gives you full mobility to move grows to anyplace or room and at any time.
  • Mounted power strip w/ built in GFCI – This helpful device prevents electric shock by turning off electric supply whenever water or any electronic device meets, the Adapters installed in other hydroponics cabinets lacks this feature.
  • 18 Gauge Steel Construction – The Powder coated, fire resistant, black outer body appears good and easily fits into your homes. Moreover, its strong build up will contain all odors and won’t emit out. Mostly competitors’ hydroponics cabinets are thin Metal, Plastic coated, or Wood build up that easily gets degraded.

Other Included Components of Yielder Pro – 28 Plant Hydroponics Cabinet Are

The below is the list of other components that are already included in your Yielder pro – 28 plant hydroponics cabinet.

  • Air pump – High Output (600gph 18w)
  • Net Pots (28 @ 3.75″)
  • 12” Air stones (8)
  • Water pump (185gph)
  • Plant Lighting Timer (24hour)
  • Digital pH meter and Digital TDS meter
  • pH Adjustor
  • Net trellis + multiple pre-installed trellis points
  • Root Riots clone and seed starter cubes
  • Thermometer/hygrometer
  • 72 plant clone dome + tray + insert

12. The Lower Chamber of Yielder Pro Includes:

Light tight shelf with passive air flow & baffle
(2) 2′ T5 fixtures, 6500k Spectrum @ 36w (2) & .59 amps each

It also comes with a written manual & DVD with step by step instructions for easy set up and starting quickly for instant success.

Hydroponics gardening is the latest development in the field of gardening and there are number of products available to do so. Hydroponics system is a system of gardening where the plants are made to grow in water instead of soil. The roots of the plants are dipped into a water container and it absorbs the nutrients from it. The Auto Yielder Grow Box is a type of hydroponic grow box where you can grow 6 plants.

Features of Auto Yielder Grow Box

  • Dimensions – The dimension of the Auto Yielder Grow Box is 36 inches height by 21 inches width by 13.5 inches deep.
  • Capacity – The Auto Yielder Grow Box has the capacity to house in 6 plants in its hydroponic system. The reservoir can hold up to 2.37 gallons of water.
  • Grow Light – The grow light used in the Auto Yielder Grow Box is 125 watt CFL grow light. This package also includes separate flowering and budding bulbs and vegetation bulbs. That is a 125 True Watt Flowering spectrum bulb and a 125 True Watt Vegetating spectrum bulb. Supplemental Grow Lighting is also provided with an addition of 48 watts in the Auto Yielder Grow Box. This is an optional add-on. The T-5 Supplemental side lighting is provided.
  • Dual Carbon Filters – The Auto Yielder Grow Box is installed with dual carbon filters that provides for odor control. These filters completely adheres to the property of stealth and ensures that the unpleasant smell of growing does not escape the grow box thereby providing a pleasant living environment for the Auto Yielder Grow Box user.
  • Fully Automated – The whole system of the Auto Yielder Grow Box is fully automated and all you have to do is plug in and switch on.
  • Air pump – The air pump is used to pump the oxygenated air to the container and to pump back the deoxygenated air. There are top quality air tubes and air stones equipped with this to support the functioning of the air pump.
  • Higher quality components – Higher quality components are used in the Auto Yielder Grow Box that provides for higher yields and quality produce.
  • Nutrients – Professional hydroponic nutrients are provided with the Auto Yielder Grow Box to put into the water in the reservoir and form the nutrient solution to feed the roots of the plants.
  • Timer – There is a timer installed in the Auto Yielder Grow Box to control and maintain the lighting system. You can set the timer in cases of disposing different spectrum of lighting.
  • Light Proof –These Auto Yielder Grow Boxes are light proof. That is, they do not allow the light to seep out thereby containing the light within the grow box. This ensures that all your plants get ample amount of lighting at the right time. The light is distributed evenly to all the plants from top to bottom. The grow lights used in the Auto Yielder Grow Box have high light penetration and high light coverage. The light reaches each and every corner of the grow box.
  • Quiet Operation – The Auto Yielder Grow Box operates silently without disturbing the surroundings in which it is placed. It also won’t disturb the routine of your house and you can have a smooth and pleasant gardening experience.
  • Locking door – The lockable latches fitted to the Auto Yielder Grow Box are very strong and of the top quality. This provides a protection to the plants from any attacks from the external environment. It also does not allow the essential elements of the indoor to escape outside.
  • Beginners Guide to Growing – The Beginners Guide to Growing Hydroponics is an eBook available where you will get all the details and tips you need to go about your hydroponic system. There is also a product manual available in the Auto Yielder Grow Box package. All you need to know about hydroponics gardening, the fruits, vegetables and herbs that can be used, tips and suggestion for higher yield and quality produce and so on are mentioned in this product manual. Also step by step instructions are given for you to install your grow box.
  • Warranty – The Auto Yielder Grow Box is offered with a life time warranty on non-consumables.
  • Customer Service – Lifetime customer service is given to the client who purchases the Auto Yielder Grow Box. Any doubts or queries regarding this grow box you can contact the customer service department or mail your queries in the id provided in their website.


The Yielder Pro – 28 Plant Hydroponics Cabinet includes best features and quality components over other tricky and costly competitors’ hydro systems. Dealzer is dedicated to offer you superior products along with the best after sales support service. This makes Dealzer the most preferred online seller amongst indoor gardeners. Choose Yielder pro from Dealzer and experience the most delicious juicy fruits, vegetables and herbs produced by this complete grow kit.