Yielder – 14 Plant Hydroponics Grow Cabinet

The Yielder – 14 Plant Hydroponics Grow Cabinet is a smaller version of Yielder XL but still carries with it all the specialties that come with Yielder XL. If you are planning to grow healthy and rich yields at a rapid rate, then Yielder – 14 Plant Hydroponics Grow Cabinet can be best for you.

Be it beginner or an expert, the Yielder – 14 Plant Hydroponics Grow Cabinet can work miracles for you. It comes with an instructional DVD that features step by step on how to grow ahead and get faster yields.

Sudden was the impact on rise in hydroponic system. The reason – many felt that hydroponic system works at a rapid rate than traditional methods of farming. Though it is true in a lot of ways, the main reason was the inclusion of harmful fertilizers that lead to many ailments one can’t even imagine. Another reason is many garden lovers moved to apartments and small homes where owning a garden and growing plants felt hypothetical.

With hydroponic system and the rise of stealth cabinets, many were motivated to own one themselves. Why take a risk and buy veggies/fruits when you can grow them at your home? Although I understand its not practical to grow all at your home, you still have exceptions.

So, here is Yielder – 14 Plant Hydroponics Grow Cabinet that gives you exactly what you need to grow plants at home. Be it vegetables to fruits or herbs to flowers, the cabinet is all yours and you are free to grow what you desire the most.

Features that come with Yielder – 14 Plant Hydroponics Grow Cabinet

  • For starters, the Yielder – 14 Plant Hydroponics Grow Cabinet comes with a 18 gauge steel body. It is powder coated to prevent crack, corrosions, etc. and other wearing out issues. The steel are fire resistant to protect your plants in case any mishap happens. It is absolutely stealth that comes with lock and key feature to keep away prying people and little hands.
  • In this single hydroponic system, you can not only germinate but also grow plants till harvest which makes it the perfect buddy for a newbie who is introduced to stealth hydroponic system. Yielder – 14 Plant Hydroponics Grow Cabinet comes with Botanicare holders and reservoirs that is mainly utilized in many hydroponic systems. The products from Botanicare are made out of virgin UV resistant that are made out of 70% recycled plastic and other recyclable items. The UV resistant makes sure that the product does not emit any toxic gas and stays safe for plants to grow.
  • The complete 14 plant hydroponic grow cabinet uses deep water culture, wick and aeroponics to give your precious babies perfect proportion of nutrients and oxygen directly to the roots.
  • You get Coco Mon that is spun and purified before combining with polymers. The coco mon retains water much more than clay rocks also while eliminating any water clogging usually noticed with rockwool cubes. It delivers enough oxygen to the plants and give a firm support to the plants especially at their growing stage. They also prevent any entry of bugs or algae.
  • The grow lights are a ‘not to be missed’ part in plant growth as plants derive energy from perfect light source. Hence, Yielder – 14 Plant Hydroponics Grow Cabinet uses 600w HID lighting that deliver larger and ripe yields at a faster rate. The HID lighting comes with ballasts that control the current overload thereby preventing any voltage fluctuation. You also have standard MH and HPS bulbs along with the stealth cabinet. It is a known fact that many horticulturists use MH bulbs during the germinating and flowering stage and HPS lights during vegetating stage. As the grow system runs on either of the bulbs (MH or HPS), you can save good amount on conversion bulbs. You always have the option to choose between LED lights and HID lights which gives you the discretion to opt for the better one.
  • The net trellis is the backbone of the plants. Many feel that plants tend to grow vertically. This is wrong and plants tend to grow towards the light. The Yielder – 14 Plant Hydroponics Grow Cabinet comes with preset net points to which you can attach the net trellis. These trellis provide apt support to the plants especially in their growing stage. You can maneuver the plants so as they pass easily through the net trellis and reach the light easily without any difficulty. Another thing I would like to say is net trellis delivers a good space for each and every plant to grow lavishly. When you give space, the wind and light can pass properly enabling them to breathe and get proper photosynthesis respectively.
  • Just like plants get proper breeze in the garden, so does the plants in the cabinet and with 6” circulating fan, you get just that. The fan strengthens the stems making your plants strong and circulates fresh air throughout the cabinet. You also get a 20 lb carbon filter and commercial duct blower that makes sure that the stealth cabinet is absolutely odor free and you get neutral fresh crisp air everytime you open the cabinet.
  • For supplying proper water and air to the roots of the plants, you get a 185 gallon per hour water pump and 600 gallon per hour purely high output air pump that triggers nutrient filled water and pure oxygen to the plant roots respectively. You will also find air stones that ensures that your roots are well fed and speak health.
  • You will also find mylar coating with reflective walls. This will utilize the lights and provide a wider spectrum in the Yielder – 14 Plant Hydroponics Grow Cabinet so that the plants can utilize it completely and the lights will reach it in every corner of your system.
  • The reservoir can hold up to 17 gallons of water which ensures that your plants never go thirsty and are supplied with nutrient filled water at a designated time even when you are away. You can also maintain the temperature of the stealth cabinet inside by using the analog timer by which you can preset it as per the changing seasons which will help you to deliver better yields all the time.

Overall, there are many other features such as consumption of less energy which is a main factor when you are living on a budget. Yes, I agree there may be a slight change but when compared to other systems in the market, this one is quite cheap and comes with a whole lot of features such as pH nutrient kit, TDS meter, easy to move caskets, etc. and many more that makes the Yielder 14 Plant Hydroponics Grow Cabinet a worthy product. The in built GFCI of the Yielder – 14 Plant Hydroponics Grow Cabinet prevents any overload in the electrical circuit and does it job efficiently. Last but not least, you get a three year warranty and a lifetime of support for clarifying any queries you may have.

On the con side, wheels can really be a pain as you need to ensure it doesn’t move away especially when you are filling the reservoir. But there are many reviews by real users that claim they are currently on to their first or second cycle without any problems. So stop worrying much, start growing and do not forget to ping me about your experience.