Superlocker 3.0 Grow Box by Supercloset

Superlocker 3.0 Grow Box by Supercloset

Superlocker 3.0 is a double chambered grow cabinet that has the cloning chamber at the top portion. This grow cabinet is suitable for any small scale plant growing that allow faster harvesting and possible more number of harvests, depending on the plants grown.

Do you wish to have a stealth grow box that is almost ready to use with minimal assembling? Then the answer is the Superlocker 3.0 grow box from the Supercloset. Superlocker 3.0 is a fully automated, compact, and custom made design that has everything needed to start the plant growing as early as possible. If you want to grow a few clones and then transfer them into a bigger chamber for full growth, Superlocker 3.0 suits the need. Superlocker 3.0 is a double chambered grow cabinet that has the cloning chamber at the top portion. This grow cabinet is suitable for any small scale plant growing that allow faster harvesting and possible more number of harvests, depending on the plants grown.

Design Of Superlocker 3.0 Grow Box

The design of the Superlocker 3.0 grow box makes it convenient to place it at any corner of even a smaller room. The stealth makes is convenient to disguise it for a bigger locker. It sizes to 66 x 15 x 24 inches in height, width, and depth respectively. The design allows the plants to grow as much as 3.5 ft in height. The grow space is almost 33% extra than in other small or lean grow cabinets.


Lighting in the Superlocker 3.0 grow box is done with the help of an HPS light for the vegetative chamber and T5 fluorescent light for the cloning chamber. Digital ballast is attached to the HPS light that helps with the control. A yo-yo system helps adjust the height of the light source and can have it placed at the optimum point for the plants, all the time. Reflective panels are provided on the side walls. These panels are mold resistant and easy to clean.

Air Movements and filtration in Superlocker 3.0 grow box

The two speed circulatory fans are responsible for the air movements inside the Superlocker 3.0 grow box chamber. The fans are 4.5ā€ in diameter and can have up to 160 cpm to create enough breeze to strengthen the stems. Strong stems can have healthier and more yield. The fan is height adjustable so that no plant at anytime is neglected of the fresh air. These fans also keep the temperature under check. If the temperature inside the chamber is a bit more than suitable increasing the fan speed will prove beneficial. The powerful activated carbon filter keeps the air fresh and clean and also controls the odor. The closed chamber is bound to have stale air inside and it is this filter that makes the air suitable and pleasant for the plants.

Hydroponics Unit

In the Superlocker 3.0 grow box both the cloning and vegetative chambers have one hydroponics unit each. The cloning chamber has a 14-site super cloner. It can hold seedlings, clones, or mother plants in them that provide the next set of plants that can be transferred to the vegetative chamber when needed.

The vegetative chamber has a 8-site grow box. The grow box works on Superponics technology. Superponics is the combination of a few hydroponics methods into one system. The plants are watered from 10 gallon water reservoir. The incorporated watering methods are top feed and deep water culture. The roots are allowed to grow deeper into the nutrient water and the nutrient rich water is fed from the top of the root system through small pipes attached to the top part. Feeding the plants from top and bottom ensures faster growth. The attached drain tube with valve facilitates easy water changing in the reservoir.

The package

The Superlocker 3.0 grow box comes in a safe package with all the lighting, air movements, filtration, nutrients, and other necessary items in them. The useful accessories are net trellis to allow space for the growing plants from each other, digital thermometer, pH kit, air and water pumps, 6-socket power strips, analog timer, GI shock buster for safety power cut off when needed, rock wool or clay rocks as plant substrates. An instructional DVD is also included for any assistance.

Things to remember when using Superlocker 3.0 Grow Box

  • The same water can be reused in the Superlocker 3.0 grow box when it runs out of nutrients but it should be replaced after a while.
  • Change the water in the reservoir at least once in 1-2 weeks.
  • Nutrient level in the water should be monitored constantly. Nutrient deficiency directly affects the plant growth. A TDS meter is a helping hand in this matter by showing the nutrient level.
  • The nutrients variation can alter the water pH. An optimum pH should be maintained for a smoother growth. Keep an eye on the pH and the pH kit has everything that you will need for this task.

A stealth grow cabinet in all ways, Supercloset superlocker is discreet and works efficiently without your nosy neighbors knowing what’s inside the cabinet. If you are planning to buy Supercloset superlocker, then read this before making a decision.

The automated Supercloset superlocker is made out of 18 gauge powder coated steel that will last a lifetime without any wearing out issues such as abrasions, cracking, fading etc. Placed comfortably in office or home, the superlocker has a classic look for any person looking for growing their gardening hobby. With lock and key system, it is completely accessible to you by keeping little hands that have another trick on their sleeve.

Many grow system have caskets or wheels for easy maneuver thinking it is probably for the best. But there is a downside to it. Moving wheels can snap at any time especially if you put an additional weight on the cabinet. Another thing to note is the constant frustration of holding the cabinet in place while refilling the reservoir. Supercloset superlocker comes without any caskets and stands firmly in place without drifting away.

Features of Supercloset superlocker 3.0 Grow Box

  • A superponic system that is combined with four watering methods ā€“ aeroponics, top feed, bubble and deep water culture. All this combine to give you bigger yields at a faster rate.
  • Rockwool cubes/clay rocks that can make even the toughest of seedlings to grow easily. All you have to do is place these cubes along with the seeds and you can see even the hardest of seeds germinate easily. These rocks are reusable and last for a long time.
  • Adjustable Net screen trellis that are strong and aid in growing plants lavishly. Many think that plants tend to grow vertically. This is, however, incorrect and plants tend to grow towards the light. The net trellis of Supercloset superlocker also aids in giving the plants umpteen space so as to let them breathe and help the lights to penetrate deeply.
  • A 150 watt HPS lamp and T5 Flourescent lamp helps the plants to get good amount of light and help them during initial stages of germinating. You will also get adjustable/removable reflective panels that will help to distribute the lights to the plants effectively.
  • Nutrient kit which you can include in the water so that it is directly delivered to the roots that really helps the plants grow more green and luscious.
  • Supercloset superlocker consumes up to 20% less energy when compared to other hydroponic grow systems. You will also get 6 socket power strip that will guard your system during power surges or lightning.
  • For those who have to travel a lot, Supercloset superlocker comes with a timer that will automatically water your plants as and when you set the time. This means you have your own gardener ready at your service who will water the plants even when you are away.
  • Unlike many plastic reservoirs that carry toxic chemicals, the reservoir of Supercloset superlocker are made out of UV stabilized plastic that do not hinder the growth of plants or mess with their health in any way. Even the plastic clone holders are rated food grade and are efficient in providing healthy vegetables at your kitchen.
  • Just like the natural wind, Supercloset superlocker comes with internal circulation fans that can be adjusted easily. You also dont need additional clamps or other equipments as the fans come with the required attachments. Many hydroponic system come with heavy 6 inch circulation fan that can really give a blow to your plants. Supercloset superlocker comes with 4 inch circulation fan that is not only super silent but also equally powerful. This circulation works easily in giving the plants the natural breeze by recreating the wind just like in garden.
  • Unlike normal gardening ways of growing vegetables (soil method), Supercloset superlocker promotes only use of water for cultivating rich, green and tasty foods for you. From growing vegetables to fruits or herbs to flowers, you can grow anything to everything in the Supercloset superlocker. The best part is excluding harmful fertilizers/pesticides that can really prove detrimental to your health.
  • Growing plants in a small grow room can induce weird smell. But, Supercloset superlocker comes with a carbon filter that helps to eliminate any odor. This carbon filter also inhibits any formation of mold or dust from entering into the cabinet.
  • Supercloset superlocker comes with an instructional DVD that actually guides to go ahead in maintaining the grow cabinet for the coming years. They also give in a three year warranty on their cabinet. A lifetime technical and customer support is something you will get with your Supercloset superlocker.

Bottomline, Supercloset superlocker is best recommended for those who are dealing with space problems especially those living in apartments. There are certain issues such as in case the system fails, you need to fix it within no time or else the plants will be destroyed. But with proper care and attention, your grow cabinet will give you multiple yields for prolonged years.

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