Supercloset Trinity 3.0 Grow Closet


Supercloset Trinity 3.0 Grow Closet

The Supercloset Trinity 3.0 Grow Closet is the apt instrument for indoor gardening. With the problems like less space and unpredictable weather conditions faced today, indoor gardening has become the most preferred or the only option left for the gardeners to carry on their hobby and passion.


Trinity 3.0 Yield is one of the most popular grow cabinets from Supercloset. Trinity is a two compartment grow cabinet with individual doors and growing facilities. One compartment is dedicated for the vegetative growth where tall plants can easily grow. The other chamber is for both cloning and vegetative growth with limited height. Supercloset Trinity 3.0 Yield accommodates 50 clones and 16 plants in each vegetative chamber. The whole unit is made of coated steel and has all the facilities to create an artificial environment to mimic the outside.

Trinity LED

Usually the Supercloset Trinity 3.0 has fluorescent bulbs and HPS bulbs as the grow lights. But in Trinity 3.0 LED the grow lights used are the Super LED Grow Lights. These Super LED grow lights are made using 3 watt diodes to make the proprietary wavelengths for the plants to utilize. These lights produce less heat energy than the HPS lights and so there is no need of a cooler to bring the temperature down. It uses even less energy to produce the sufficient light. The lesser use of fans and non usage of any cooler save more energy and money. This is why Supercloset is offering the Trinity 3.0 with the LED option.

Trinity 3.0 LED can have the light that can produce sufficient light to penetrate through the thick plant canopy. Light is essential for the plants to perform photosynthesis and when this process happens faster and efficiently, the plants grow faster and produce more yields.

Trinity 3.0 Grow Boxes

Trinity 3.0 uses two types of grow boxes for the plants to grow and the seeds to germinate or clone. The boxes used for these two purposes are different. Since the Trinity 3.0 has two sections the needs of the grow boxes also increase. There are two 16 site grow boxes that holds the vegetative plants in two growth stages. The Supercloner can have 50 seeds or clones growing in them.

Buy Trinity 3.0 Grow Box

Both these boxes used in Trinity 3.0 work on Superponics. The Superponics is the use of more than one method of watering the plants with nutrient rich water. The methods used here are deep water culture, aeroponics, bubbleponics and top feed. The combined efforts of these methods ensures that the plants grow faster than using only one of those methods and faster much higher than any normal planting system.

These grow boxes are fully automatic and the watering timings can be set with the help of a timer. There is no manual labor required except for changing the water in the reservoir in every 1-2 week’s time. The grow boxes may be left unattended for 5-7 days provided they have enough nutrients in it and the pH is set for normal. These three grow boxes work independently from each other. They are connected with the main power inlet of the Trinity. Between these two types of grow boxes the plants of three stages of their life cycle can be grown in this single unit named Trinity 3.0.

Yield from Trinity 3.0 Grow Closet

The yield from Trinity 3.0 is much higher when compared to other smaller grow boxes or cabinets. Since it can has two vegetative grow boxes, altogether there can be 32 plants growing in a small space of 72 x 72 x 24 inches. The plants can be of the same variety or different types. The separate chambers allow different types of plants to grow and have their harvests at the same time and more in a given time. Because of the Superponics the growth rate is higher and so will be the yield.

Since the root system of these plants need not be strong, the energy and nutrients needed for the root is lesser and that can be used for growing the aerial parts thicker and stronger. This reflects in the fast growth and higher yield during the harvest. The plants do not have to wait on the nutrients absorption for long and they are readily available in the dissolved state making them more accessible. The ready availability makes way for faster growth. This is how multiple harvesting is possible when plants are grown in the Superponics grow boxes that are used in the grow cabinets such as Trinity 3.0.

Growing plants in Trinity 3.0 is as easy as one, two and three. Plant the currings, seedlings or seeds in the respective grow chambers and switch on the power. When the small plants are grown replant them to the relevant sites and watch them grow. When they are fully grown, do the harvesting and see the difference in its quantity as well as the quality.

The Features Include


  • Two 16 plant hydroponics grow boxes and a 50 site Supercloner. Both of these work on Superponics that has many hydroponics watering methods.
  • The adjustable shelf helps in adjusting the light to reach the height of the plants. Fluorescent lamps are used in cloning chamber and HPS bulbs in the vegetative. The wattage depends on the growth stage of the plants. Cloning chamber has 24W bulbs while the vegetative chambers have 600 and 400W bulbs. The HPS light has its own cooling chamber to reduce the heat formation in the Trinity box.
  • A magnetic reflecting panel helps reflect whatever amount of light is inside. It will provide light to the side parts of the plants.
  • A two speed fully adjustable circulatory fan keeps the air circulated inside and the carbon filters clean the air and keep the odor away.
  • An air pump for oxygenation and water pump for watering needs are provided. Both of these work silently.
  • A net trellis helps keep the growing plants to separate and preventing from crowding each other. This separation also ensures the even canopy of the foliage at the top to have uniform lighting to all parts.
  • The other accessories included in the package of trinity 3.0 are the nutrient and pH kits, thermometer, measuring cup, TDS meter, rock wool cubes, or clay rocks to be the plant substrate, and a DVD to explain all the features and instructions.

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