LED Grow Cabinet for Sale

Supernova LED Grow Cabinet for Sale

The Super Nova is a full-cycle led grow boc cabinet, allowing you to germinate, clone, vegetate and flower at the same time. It helps to drastically reduce time till harvest.

LED Grow Cabinets mainly uses the LED Kind Grow lights that help in achieving the kindest yield, kindest spectrum, kindest intensity and the kindest quality.

Features of LED Grow Cabinet for sale

  • 12 Bandwidth Full Spectrum 3 Watt Kind LED Grow Light (250w Equivalent) – The main advantage of using LED lights are that it consumes low energy thereby cutting down the costs on electricity. This 12 bandwidth LED grow light ensures that your plants get the ample amount of light needed in the right quantity and at right time.
  • T-5 Supplemental Side Lighting – Supplemental side lighting is given in the LED Grow Cabinets for sale to increase the quality of the spectrum.
  • SuperPonic 8 Hydroponic Grow System – The technology of SuperPonics combined with the principles of Top Feed Watering and Bottom Feed Oxygenation is followed here which helps increasing the yield to a greater extent when compared to the conventional or traditional methods of gardening. It makes your plants grow healthier, stronger and two to five times faster.
  • High Output Fluorescent Lighting – In the LED Grow Cabinet for sale, T5 high output fluorescent strip lights are used as it provides 24 W fluorescent light and 6500K of light thereby nurturing your plants with sufficient light during it all stages of growth and development.
  • SuperCloner 14 Site System – The SuperCloner system benefits the LED Grow Cabinet in the process of germination, cloning and vegetation.
  • Industrial Grade Carbon Filter – The carbon filters used in the LED Grow Cabinet for sale ensures smooth environment. It keeps the air around clean and purified. The biggest advantage of the carbon filters are that they serve the purpose of stealth. That is, it does not allow noise, light or heat to escape from the LED grow cabinet.
  • Trellis system – The Net Trellis is best for improving the yields and increases the quality level. It provides equal spacing for the plants and assists them in every stage of its growth and development in the LED grow cabinet.
  • Technaflora Recipe for Success Nutrient Kit – The Success Nutrient Kit of TechnaFlora recipe includes B.C. Bloom, B.C. Boost, B.C. Grow, Thrive Alive B-1 Red, Thrive Alive B-1 Green, Awesome Blossoms, Rootech Cloning Gel, MagiCal, SugarDaddy, ROOT 66 and the recipe for the mixing chart.
  • Digital Thermometer / Hygrometer – This thermometer helps in controlling and maintaining the temperature inside and outside the LED grow cabinet. There is a 12/24 hour mode switch option in the grow cabinets for sale that also includes a water proof temperature probe.
  • General Hydroponics pH Control Kit – It is very essential to keep a track on the pH level and to control it if it goes beyond the set limits.
  • Eco Air 2 Air Pump – The air pump used in the LED Grow Cabinet for sale is extremely noiseless and extremely powerful. It is used to transport the oxygenated and deoxygenate air.
  • 132 Gallon Per Hour Water Pump – Water pumps are used to control the flow and movement of water to the plants and from the plants. You can also set your device in such a way that it pumps water whenever needed and also the quantity required.
  • Adjustable Internal Circulation Fan – The fans fitted inside the LED grow cabinets are adjustable and they keep the constant movement of the air. You can also fix it in that spot where you want your plants to get the breeze.
  • TDS Meter – The LED Grow Cabinet for sale is equipped with a LED screen to read the meter.
  • 6 Socket Industrial Power Strip – These power strips in the grow cabinets for sale provides constant power supply without any fluctuation in the electricity.
  • Analog Single Timer – You can set timers for the feeding time, watering time, lighting time, heating time and so on with this analog single timer installed within the LED Grow cabinet for sale.
  • GFCI Shock Buster – The hydroponic systems always have the water coming in contact with the electronics. The GFCI Shock Buster is used in the LED Grow Cabinet to prevent any shocks that might occur due to the contact.
  • Rock Wool Cubes – These cubes are where the roots of the plants are dipped in thereby making sure the roots absorb ample amount of nutrients.
  • Clay Grow Rocks – The rocks provided with the grow cabinets for sale give a stable foundation for the plants.
  • SuperCloset Instructional DVD – All the detailed instructions, tips, nutrient solution mix, the type of flowers to grow and so on are mentioned in here. Even a person with a very low gardening knowledge and easily go about the conduct of it.

These are some of the features of the LED Grow Cabinet for sale by the SuperCloset online gardening service provider company: LED SuperLocker 3.0, LED SuperStar, LED SuperFlower 3.0, LED Deluxe 3.0, LED SuperNova and LED Trinity 3.0. For the details on the price and other enquires please click on the following link: http://supercloset.com/product-category/grow-boxes/

There are even used grow box for sale available at various sites that come at satisfactory quality.

LED Stealth Grow Cabinet/Box

Stealth grow cabinet LED is made of steel and is sturdy. The stealth cabinet keeps everything inside, a secret and do not let others to know that there are plants growing inside. The finishing gives the notion of a steel cabinet. This LED Stealth grow cabinet is fully automatic and can be left alone for up to 5 days at a time without any monitoring. It is a power saver and gives maximum yield in shorter time than the traditional farming.

The LED Stealth grow cabinet has two sections, one for germination and cloning and the other one or the flowering stage of the plants. The germination chamber has fluorescent lighting just adequate for their growth. These two chambers allow a full cycle of plant growth all around the year.

  • LED Lights: The main thing that makes LED Stealth grow cabinet different from the Superbox is the Kind LED grow light made with 3W chips. It has the ideal intensity to reach the bottom of the plants even if the plants are densely growing. This helps the plants to get equal amount of light for every part. The LED lights have 12 bands of the spectrum which is highest for any LED grow lights There is a secondary optical lens to magnify the photo synthetically active radiation from the LED. The fans and the heavy duty aluminum inside the LED sink keep the light cool.
    In addition to the Kind LED light at the top centre, there are two vertical white fluorescent lights on the sides to complete the spectrum and increase the growth rate. While the LED light’s height is adjustable the fluorescent lights are fixed.
  • Fans: Stealth grow cabinet LED has two exhaust fans and one circulatory fan. The exhaust fans are powerful and the built-in carbon filters reduces the odor inside and the air is fresh. This fresh air is circulated just below the lights and above the canopy of the plants. This will help the air reach every part of the cabinet.
  • Hydroponics: The hydroponics technique used here are two types, and the nutrients are fed bottom up and from top down. The roots of the growing plants grow deep into the reservoir and additionally the nutrient rich water is also dripped from top of the root system. This will help in increasing the growth rate. The water needs to change in at least once in two weeks. The connected hose will allow easy drainage and refilling of the water.
  • Reflective panels: The magnetic reflective panels inside the Steath grow cabinet LED cover the back side. These panels are removable for easy cleaning. These are mold and mildew resistant. It gives a clean look inside.

The steel covered cabinet comes with nutrient, pH kits and a TDS meter and all the equipment’s fixed. The cabinet has a triple lock making it safe for children around and the doors are leak proof and no light comes out once it is closed and locked.

Growing Cabinets Sale

Growing cabinets are comparatively larger units than grow box. They can be used for large indoor plantation. Growing cabinets comes in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and with many features. In Growing Cabinets Sale you can find cabinets supporting hydroponics, soil base, LED grow lights, dual chamber or even three chamber set ups.

The Best growing cabinets’ sale offer you will get only from Supercloset. Supercloset is leading the hydroponics industry for the past 10 years and is known to offer excellent and innovative technologies in growing cabinets. Let’s talk a look at some of its innovative products:


The Super Nova are a complete growing cabinets that allow you to Germinate, Clone, Vegetate, and Flower at the same time by severely reducing time till harvest. The Super Nova is a one stop cabinet that accomplishes all your growing needs at the best sale price.

This three chamber unit comes 78” tall, 46” wide and 24” deep (46 x 24 x 78 inches) that allows plant to grow up to 3.5 feet tall. It holds 50-Site SuperCloner chamber to facilitate Germination, Cloning, and Early Vegetative Growth. The Vegetative/Flowering Chamber holds up to 16 plants and utilizes SuperPonics System that combines automated top feed and Deep Water Culture hydroponics to offer you the best, easy, quick and safe plant growth. The additional 8 Plant SuperPonics System is used in combination with the SuperCloner 50. This site contains exclusive Mamaponics system which allows you to grow 8 sturdy and bushy clone bearing mother plants. The shelf is adjustable for you to easily manipulate the inside space and allow your plants to grow taller.

Trinity 3.0

The Trinity growing cabinets comprises of two complete full-cycles with 3 total chambers. Plants go through all life stages, right from germinating to Flowering, at the same time, by reducing harvest period.

This growing cabinet comes to you in measurement of 72” wide, 24” deep and 72” tall. Its 50-Site SuperCloner cloning chamber effectively germinates, Clones, and offers you with early vegetative plant growth. This site runs on Deep Water Culture hydroponics system that promotes speedy luscious white root development for up to 50 plants. Trinity growing cabinets includes Two Vegetative/Flowering Chambers that can holds up to 16 plants each. The combination of top feed and Deep Water Culture hydroponics system makes one high performing superponics to assure you 2 times quicker and bigger growth than any single hydroponics system. With these best features and many superior quality components, Trinity is offered to you to buy in sale.

Superflower 3.0

The SuperFlower growing cabinets are single chamber unit offering you to flawlessly and smoothly complete growth cycle from seed to harvest.

The dimension of SuperFlower is 36” wide, 24” deep and 72” tall. The single Vegetative/ Flowering Chamber holds up to 16 plants that operate on automated top feed and Deep Water Culture. This superponic technology grows up to 2x faster and larger plant than single traditional hydroponics system and 5x than soil. You rest assure that your plants grows better, faster, easier and safer to provide you incomparable yields with superior quality. SuperFlower offers an extra large growing space for just 16 plants to thrive. Avail this growing cabinet available on sale to fulfill all your growing needs from single unit.

Other Supercloset Growing Cabinets On Sale Are

  • Deluxe 3.0
  • LED SuperNova
  • LED Deluxe 3.0
  • LED Trinity 3.0
  • LED Superflower 3.0

Besides the brief details on features of Supercloset growing cabinets, it also comes with every components needed for you to start growing plants from day one. Moreover, cabinets are covered with 3 years warranty and come with instructional DVD to help you in set up. Don’t miss the opportunity and order any of these growing cabinets at sale price, log on to www.supercloset.com today.

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