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Hydroponic Grow cabinets and Grow boxes are simple innovations for people who love to grow small things at home. Yes this is not a full fledged farm where you can cultivate food for the family. But surely you can grow small plants, herbs which are exotic and otherwise expensive or unavailable locally.

Grow cabinets are the cabinet like stealth boxes that are available from small to big, and bigger. These grow cabinets provide a controlled environment for the plant growth. All the control will be entirely on the grower. Right from the light to the time of watering can be set by the grower with the help of a timer, according to the need of the plants growing inside. Most grow cabinets favor hydroponics unit for the growing. Hydroponics is the technology that uses water as the base medium for the plant nutrition and all the nutrients are passed on to the plants through water. Grow cabinets that uses hydroponics systems are commonly termed hydroponic grow cabinets.

Hydroponic Systems in grow cabinets

The hydroponic grow system is the plant growing part of the whole system. The hydroponics system comprises a grow box or tray with holes that can hold the net cups that has plants in them. The grow box is like a container with water filled in and closed by the plants growing over it the lid. The nutrients are mixed in the water which reaches the roots by many methods. When all the nutrients are used up, the same water can be reused many times before it needs to be changed.

The net cups can be placed on the holes provided. The top portion of these cups will be even with the lid and the bottom will go into the reservoir. They will be filled with rock wool or clay rocks to hold and support to stand upright and grow. They will have long vertical openings to allow the roots to grow through them into the water.

The capacity of the reservoir differs with the number of plant sites. When using the grow trays the reservoir is separate and the water is pushed up into the trays with a water pump. The water pump is a mandatory part of the hydroponics system that pumps the water level up to the top to reach the root system. The roots get the nutrients by many methods like,

  • Deep water culture where the roots are growing into the nutrient water
  • Ebb n flow method by which the roots are embedded in the nutrient rich water for a while and then the water level recedes.
  • Nutrient film technique is to allow a thin film of nutrient water at the tip of the roots that stays there for a while.
  • Top feed or drip system allows the nutrient water to drip from the top of the root system constantly so that the roots get the nutrients both from the top and bottom for better growth. The required water tubes are fitted near the top for the dripping.
  • Aeroponics or bubbleponics is to spray the nutrient water on to the root system to create a nutrient mist around the roots and they can absorb the nutrients easier. This method is the most effective method as the roots are fed with nutrients than making them look for the nutrition. The bubbles are created by air pumps and air stones and these bubbles when it comes to the water surface and bursts, a watery mist is created.

Nutrients are the other important part of the hydroponics system. Most hydroponic grow cabinet packages include the complete nutrient kit. The kit will have the nutrients that suit rooting, flowering, fruit ripening etc. each stage needs particular combination and concentration of the minerals and the nutrient kit includes them. The grower simply needs to mix them in the correct amount in the water at each growth stage.

Grow Cabinets & Grow boxes

It will be winter soon and your needs to grow your favourite herb and veggies are going to be off the window. The reason why most people do not farm though they have a passion for gardening is because they cannot do it. The weather often does not permit most people to garden outside as in some places there is a constant change of weather. Think about a place like Michigan. We have near 5 months of cold weather. Plants usually don’t survive the winter and tend to wilt and finally die.

We deserve more! We all grow something of interest and weather should not be a barrier for growing our basic food or necessities. With the evolution of technology it should be possible for us to get the best of our food and diet. Sometimes, more than ever we wish that we could grow that exotic herb indoor from prying eyes. Yes its possible now with The Grow cabinets or often referred to as the grow boxes

Grow Boxes are convenient boxes which can be placed in your room. The heat required is generated in the box with extra lighting. The plants usually grow better than what is usually outdoors as the light and heat are set to the right levels. There is no wind and worry about pests. The Nutrition in the Grow Cabinets too is used efficiently as they are not spread out to weeds and other plants.

Grow cabinets and Grow boxes are simple innovations for people who love to grow small things at home. Yes this is not a full fledged farm where you can cultivate food for the family. But surely you can grow small plants, herbs which are exotic and otherwise expensive or unavailable locally.

If you are looking for the best in grow cabinets and Grow boxes we suggest that you check the Supercloset.com website. Their range of Grow cabinets and grow boxes are excellent and worth every penny. Even better, these products come in all kinds of sizes so you don’t have to worry about the size at all.

Anatomy of a hydroponic grow cabinet

All four sides of the hydroponic grow cabinets are made of powdered steel. The doors of the grow cabinets have lock system for more security. Mostly the inner walls have reflective surface or panels inside for the better light availability.

Most hydroponic grow cabinets will have two or more chambers to have plants of different growth stages. Smaller grow cabinets usually have a single chamber that can have plants growing from seedling stage till they flower or bear fruits. Grow chambers makes the hydroponic grow cabinets all the more convenient for indoor gardening. The multi chamber facility allows each growth stage the privacy and the flexibility to have individual lighting according to the needs. Each chamber will have individual hydroponic units.

The light source is fixed at the top center of each chamber in the hydroponic grow cabinet. The wattage of the lights differs with the plant growth. Younger and small plants need less intense light than the older and bigger ones. Sometimes more than one light may be required. The grow lights in the hydroponic grow cabinets can be High pressure sodium lights, metal halide or LED lights. LED lights are the most favored and economical light that uses less power to generate more intense light with lesser heat production. A heat cooler is also fitted with the grow lights especially for HPS or halide lights as they emit more heat that increases the inside temperature. A digital ballast connected helps control the light timings to create day and night inside the grow cabinet.

The hydroponic grow cabinets are enclosed grow environment and the air inside can get stale over the period of time. To avoid this situation, a strong carbon filter is attached to filter and freshen up the air so that the plants always get fresh air to breathe. The circulatory fans circulate this fresh air all around the plants even through the thick growth.

All Inclusive Fully Automatic Hydroponic Grow Cabinet

A hydroponic grow cabinet comes with all the above mentioned inclusions. With the help of analog timers all the watering, lighting and fans can be timed so there is the least need for manual labor. Just occasional monitoring of the water nutrient level and pH level is required, and remember to change the water in the reservoir every other week. These grow cabinets work silently without making any noise and seeping any amount of light. Hydroponics grow cabinets are the most convenient indoor gardening method and the different sized cabinets allows to grow any kind of plants right inside the home with all facilities and still concealed inside a stealth cabinet with lockable doors.

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