Dealzer Cash Crop 4.0 Grow Box Reviews For 6 Plants

Cash Crop 5.0 – 6 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box

The Cash crop 5.0 – 6 plant hydroponics grow box is entirely upgraded to match your growing needs. A number of higher quality parts are included to offer the best discount grow box. It includes (3) 2700k CFL Flowering Bulbs and (3) 6500k CFL Grow Bulbs offering your plants with the most desired light.


Hydroponics is a method of indoor gardening where the plants are made to grow in water instead of soil. Growing plants in water have proven to have many benefits not only to the plants but also to the gardener when compared to the conventional methods of gardening. Many problems caused in soil gardening like pest, insufficient gardening space, fluctuations in the climatic conditions, disturbances in the environment and so on can be avoided in the hydroponic system of gardening. Here is Cash crop 4.0 – 6 plant hydroponics grow box and its reviews. Cash Crop 4.0 is a grow cabinet constructed for this purpose.

The Cash Crop 4.0 is a fully automated stealth grow box that comes with everything you need to start growing except seeds or plants. This ultimate hydroponic personal growing machine can easily grow tomatoes, herbs, and peppers throughout the year. You can even try growing auto-flower plants that will give you amazing result. Any plant you grow in Cash Crop 4.0 is ready for harvest from seed in just 8 weeks. Include the Co2 Enhancer that will allow you to harvest in 6 weeks instead of 8. Cash Crop 4.0 is offered in two sizes – Cash Crop Standard Dimensions: 24″ T x 16″ W x 9.5″ D and Cash Crop Deluxe sizes: 36″ T x 16″ W x 9.5″ D. Yet small, this grow box will actually give you a dense foliage of total 6 plants. The included easy to follow instruction guide will clear any doubt about the product. The Cash Crop 4.0 review included further will give you actual views from the real users.

The Cash Crop 4.0 – 6 Plant Grow Box includes:

The Cash crop 4.0 – 6 plant hydroponics grow box is entirely upgraded to match your growing needs. A number of higher quality parts are included to offer the best discount grow box. It includes (3) 2700k CFL Flowering Bulbs and (3) 6500k CFL Grow Bulbs offering your plants with the most desired light. In addition, the hanging light system offered only with the deluxe version of cash crop allows you to either raise or lower your lights. The 3 outlet adapters and Power strips are also included with this unit. The Cash crop 4.0 – 6 plant hydroponics grow box is designed to hold 6 Plants and can store 1 gallon of nutrient rich water in the reservoir. The included 6 net cups can easily hold your plants giving strong base to plant roots. The cash crop 4.0 includes components that blocks light and works silently offering Whisper quiet surrounding.

The Powerful Ona odor terminator effectively eliminates all odors by keeping the environment clean. It comes with the Powerful 80 CFM fan system with carbon protected foe intake/outtake areas. This powerful unit also contains 6 organic starter plugs for seeds or clones. The Cash crop 4.0 – 6 plant hydroponics grow box includes 2 years supply of Moon Dust nutrients to give your plants with the most needed nutrient whenever needed. Other components such as Air Stone, Air Line, timers, outlet sockets, Lockable latches and 10 gallon rated air pump is also included with this machine.

Plants will not only grow but thrive in the Cash crop 4.0 – 6 plant hydroponics grow box by densely filling the entire box.

  • Flowering Bulbs – The Flowering bulbs are of 2700k CFL and there are three flowering bulbs needed for this Cash Crop cabinet. The plants require flowering bulbs for it to blossom faster and stronger.
  • Grow Bulbs – The Cash Crop 4.0 – 6 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box requires 3 quantities of 6500k CFL Grow Bulbs. The grow bulbs are very essential part of the grow box and the Cash Crop version 4 is gives the benefit of 3 grow bulbs.
  • 6 Plant hydroponics system – The Cash Crop 4.0 can house up to 6 plants in its grow cabinet. These plants require about 1 Gallon of water for its growth and development and this grow box also has the capacity to hold up to 1 gallon of water.
  • Net Cups – To hold the 6 plants inside the grow box, there are 6 net cups required.
  • Light Tight – The Cash Crop 4.0 – 6 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box is designed with the property to contain the light within the grow box. There are certain light blockage components in this grow box which prevents the light from escaping the container. This ensures that all the plants gets ample amount of lighting for its quality growth.
  • Whisper quiet – Your whole process of growing plants using the Cash Crop 4.0 – 6 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box would be peaceful. There are no operating noises or the noises of any other equipments used heard outside. Nobody would know there is a cabinet for growing plants kept at your home.
  • Carbon Filters – Dual carbon filters are used in Cash Crop 4.0 – 6 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box. The carbon filters too adhere to the property of stealth. It helps in controlling the odor and makes sure that it does not escape the grow cabinet. Because of this special feature of the carbon filters it is been used to block nerve gas in the military.
  • Air Stone and Air Line – Air stones and air pumps are used for the circulation of the air within this hydroponic grow box. The oxygenated air is pumped in by the air pumps and the deoxygenated air is pumped out. The air stones performs the function of gradually diffusing air into the grow cabinet. Air line is used for the transportation of the air. You can use a tube or a hose for the purpose of Air Line.
  • Timers – Timers are fixed into the Cash Crop 4.0 – 6 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box and this makes the hydroponics grow box fully automatic. You can set timers to indicate the water pump to pump water to the container. You can also set the timer for the functioning of the air pump thereby making sure your plants get the essentials at the right time and in the right quantity.
  • Hanging light system – The lights are hung on the cabinet is a such a way that they are close to the plants. This methodology ensures that all the 6 plants get the right amount of lighting from top to bottom.
  • Outlet sockets – Outlet sockets are used for plugging in the Cash Crop 4.0 – 6 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box system. Sockets are also required for the fans, lighting system, timer, pumps and any other equipped that is installed inside the grow cabinet.
  • Lockable latches – Lockable latches are used to make it tight all together. These lockable latches make it easy for opening and closing the hydroponic grow system. The lockable latches used in this grow cabinet is flexible and is of high quality. These latches ensure that the light, odor and heat do not escape the container.
  • CFM Fan System – The fan system of Cash Crop 4.0 – 6 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box is very powerful that it has 190 cubic feet per minute power. Also this fan system is equipped with carbon protected intake or outtake areas, which allows for the smooth movement of the air.
  • Starter plugs – There are 6 organic starter plugs used in this 6 Plant Hydroponic grow box. There are used either for the seeds or the clones.
  • Air pump – A 10 gallon rated air pump is used in the updated 4.0 version of the Cash Crop. As mentioned above, the air pumps are used to pump the oxygenated air to the plants and the deoxygenated air back. It uses the help of air stones and air line for it pumping function.

Apart from these 15 components, there are number of other components that are installed in the Cash Crop 4.0 – 6 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box for the proper functioning of the hydroponics system and for the quality growth and development of the plants.

The Cash Crop 4.0 – 6 plant hydroponics grow box is the upgraded version of the Cash Crop 3.0 which is made to offer added easiness in using. It includes everything you need to start growing except seeds or plants. In addition to its quality design, superior components and ease in use, it comes at an affordable price.


  • Types – The Cash crop 4.0 – 6 plant hydroponics grow box is offered in two types, Deluxe and Standard version. Also, you can avail Cash crop 4.0 in a soil version that includes few components different from the hydroponic version.
  • Stealth – Cash crop 4.0 – 6 plant hydroponics grow box is a stealthy unit that is smell and light proof which also works whisper quiet offering you 100% stealthy system. Besides, the ability to lock and key your Cash crop 4.0 offers added stealthiest and security feature.
  • Maximum Reflection – It includes a self-cooled cabinet and hiflect insulation for maximum light usage and optimum plant growth.
  • Carbon filter – The included carbon filter in exhaust and ona block deodorizer system abolishes all unwanted smell.
  • All Plants can grow – It is the ultimate growing machine that can accommodate any type of plants. Plants such as Tomatoes, peppers and herbs are able to grow easily in this unit all year round.
  • Yield – It can house 6 plants and is capable to produces 5 pounds of dried plant matter in a year.
  • All Inclusive – Cash crop 4.0 – 6 plant hydroponics grow box comes with every needed component including nutrients, 6 net pots, 6 grow cubes, flowering and grow bulbs (3 each), pump and oxygenator and many other essentials.
  • Power Usage – The included 6 grow lights are each 60w CFL bulbs which offers you a total of 180w at each growth stage.
  • Support – The Cash crop 4.0 – 6 plant hydroponics grow box comes with lifetime phone and email support. Also, the written step-by-step instruction manual easily guides you all through the process.
  • Harvest time – This fully automated grow box can grow any plant from seed to harvest in 8 weeks. To reduce harvest period to 6 weeks you can add the Co2 Enhancer.
  • Co2 Enhancer – This device will directly pump carbon dioxide into your grow box which will increase plant growth speed by 25%.
  • Soil version – The soil version of cash crop 4.0 is also available. This is because many people still prefer the old traditional method for plant growth.
  • Warranty – The whopping lifetime warranty is offered on the Cash Crop 4.0.
  • Dimensions – The Cash Crop Standard Dimensions are: 24″ T x 16″ W x 9.5″ D and Dimensions of Cash Crop Deluxe version are 36″ T x 16″ W x 9.5″ D.

Cash crop 4.0 yield

When it comes to Yield its dependent on the plant as it is to the Grow box. The Cash Crop 4.0 Grow box is a small unit. Its 2 feet tall and with that  16 inches wide and 9.5 inches deep. You are looking at a a pretty small space to grow your plants and you can expect a good yield compared to the space. Considering the height , you don’t want to pick up a plant which are tall. They may not be the right choice for such a small unit. Most people who purchase a cash crop 4.0 expect to grow herbs as opposed to plants which can grow fruits and yield vegetables. Speaking of which you are looking for more leaves , dense foliage when it comes to herbs.

With just 6 plants you can expect a great deal of result. The cash crop 4.0 yield is not really calculated based on the grow box. its dependent on other factors, for instance the plant you grow and also the light and more.

Fast growing Plants for Cash Crop 4.0

What are the Fast growing plants for Cash crop 4.0? Herbs. the cash crop 4.0 is good for anything which will not grow over 2 feet tall. The foliage could be dense but if you are looking at a plant which will grow fast, you are looking at herbs. There are reports of a full grown plant to the max height in 2 weeks. Thats as good as planting a herb today and seeing it to its full height and foliage in 14 straight days.

Of course if you are looking at fast growing plants for cash crop 4.0 you are also talking about all the other factors, including the strain of the plant and the nutrition which goes into it. Nutrition is key for plants in a hydroponic system. the Right nutrition manages the plants growth (of course along with the Right light which the cash crop 4.0 is already built with.)

Cash Crop 4.0 Reviews

The above cash crop 4.0 review on video is a complete instruction kit of a person who just bought a cash crop 4.0 unit from dealzer. the installation is simple and you get to know how to set it all up along with the parts which come with it. Go through the Cash crop 4.0 Review video fully to know how much worth the Cash crop 4.0 unit is.

As it is with any product Cash crop 4.0 reviews are quite mixed. Let us look at both the positive and negative reviews.

Most of the customer review related to Cash Crop 4.0 is positive and all are happy with their purchase. It comes with everything included so can readily be start to use from the same day of it arrival. Some users bought the product considering its manufacturer which is a BBB certified company.

One customer review is at the end of 8 weeks when he got first harvest. He found the harvest much faster than gardening and the easy instructions guided very well all through the process. Upon arrival of this grow box, all his worries related to buying any additional fixtures or fittings for the box vanished as all that was needed were seeds or plants to get started. He says hydroponic growing with this grow box is not at all hard and the simple instructions made his job much easier then thought of.

The beginners found this as an amazing hydroponic grow box as it is simple to use and gives desired output. First time user review says Cash Crop 4.0 is a great box for a beginner hydroponics grower. Though small, it uses around 1 gallon of water to grow 6 small plants. This first time user tried growing successfully 1 -2 small tomato plants, 2 basil plants which should be trimmed at the top, flowers, and other herbs.

Cash Crop 4.0 review also suggests that starting with seeds or small sized plants will work. It will definitely give faster harvest than gardening may be because of the proper nutrients pack included with the product. User cash crop 4.0 reviews state that this straightforward box can produce enough food for the entire family on a regular basis.

Few users had experienced some negative from Cash Crop 4.0. One user found the internal fans are bit louder than thought of but after a new fan replacing the older loud fans the machine worked quietly. Another user found the grow box very loud and resembled the sounds like an air plane taking off from the house. He got disappointed as the whole thing required some home improvement by spending some additional dollars.

To summarize, Cash Crop 4.0 is highly recommended by many of its users including the first time buyers.

Cash Crop 4.0 Contacts

There is also unlimited phone and email customer services and technical support provided to the customer of the For any doubts and queries regarding the Cash Crop 4.0 – 6 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box and also about the growing of the plants you can contact the customer service staffs who are available 24*7. You would also get instant replies when you email them about your queries.

Another component in this package is that you get a book with all the step by step instructions written about how to go about the conduct of your very own Cash Crop 4.0 – 6 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box.

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